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Welcome to our Web site!

     Like, oh, mah, gawd.  Wouldja just take a gander at that.  Them Gharaibehs actually scraped up enough chutzpah to bare their lives to the great world wide voyeurs out there.  Faaantastic.

      Anyway, this is primarily a place to keep things collected over the years, a communications device (what with family & friends in over 10 states, and over 6 countries), and just basically a place to let it all hang out.

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bulletGotta give Google props
bullet Amazon's always fun
bulletDo it eBay


Hey, why not.  This website was created for a purpose.  Not simply as a blog to spout trivial meaningless gibberish (although you will find plenty of that here), but rather as a starting point for a collection of information.  Some serious, some not so serious.  Lighthearted in tone yet with a communicative purpose.  As with most tools, it becomes more useful the more it gets used.  And how much it gets used depends on you.

If there are things you want to see here, please let us know!

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Check it out.  Lots of interesting stuff to gander at. 

Perhaps, one day, these will look a little better once this whole "understanding html" thing makes itself clearer to me.

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